Institut für Zellbiologie (Tumorforschung)

Welcome to the website of the Institute of Cell Biology (Tumor Research) at the University Hospital Essen

On our website we would like to introduce you to the team of the IFZ, which is assigned to the two chairs of Molecular Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics with integrated research groups of young scientists and the Service Laboratory for Genome and Transcriptome Analysis (GTF). We will also give you an overview of our research, the services offered to scientists and students, and other activities of the institute.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Verena Jendrossek und Univ. Prof. Dr. rer. nat Ralf Küppers

Research and teaching

The IFZ is one of the preclinical institutes of the University Hospital Essen with tasks in research on the development, biology and therapy of oncological diseases including dysregulated functions of the tumor host (immune system, vascular system, connective tissue), and teaching for students of Medicine, Medical Biology and Biology at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

The IFZ is particularly involved in the activities of the focus areas “Oncology” and “Immunology and Infectiology” at the Medical Faculty. In this context, there are also close links with various clinics of the West German Tumor Center (WTZ-CCC) as well as cross-faculty links with the working groups of the Center for Medical Biotechnology (ZMB).

The promotion of young scientists (biomedicine, medicine) is particularly important to us. For this reason, students and graduates of the Faculty of Medicine and Biology are regularly integrated into the research work of the various working groups at the IFZ as part of their final theses. The IFZ is also involved in important local, national and international programs to promote young researchers.

The team

The IFZ team consists mainly of natural scientists, research physicians, technical staff and the institute’s administrative staff.